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Will the sticker come off in a car wash for example?
No, our stickers are designed to withstand car washes as long as the sticker is applied to clean, dust and grease proof surface and neither on rust.

Will the print come off after washing?
No, our specially formulated foils are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. They have not however been tested in very extreme weather conditions. I have a sticker on my car that has been there for over 4 years and it looks just as good as the day it was printed. Please note that vinyl colour can fade a little with uv light from the sun after a few years.  In all honesty, I do not think most people will expect a sticker which they purchased for a couple of pounds to last forever!

How do I apply a sticker from inside a car window for example?
If you wish to apply a sticker from the inside of a car or a normal window, then you must use clear vinyl and print in reverse (The software can print in reverse for you so when viewed from the outside, it will read correctly). Solid vinyl colours must be used on the outside only.
Can I print in more than one colour?
This is a one colour printer - however, two or more colours may be possible depending on the complexity of the design by feeding the stick back through the sticker printing machine once again (and changing foil colour of course)

Where can I buy vinyl from?
Naturally we would like you to purchase your vinyl from us as what we offer is a quality product designed to give you optimum results. However, if you can find similar vinyl locally, then that may also work but you would advised to test first before ordering in larger quantities.
Where can I buy foils from?
To maintain warranty and optimum print quality, we recommend that you only use our top grade foil when printing stickers.

How do I apply sticker vinyl?
Peel from backing sheet and dip in slightly soapy water. This allows to reposition the stick correctly and it also helps to remove any trapped bubbles.
How do I remove vinyl?
Simply use a heat gun or a hairdryer to soften the vinyl and once this has been done, it should peel off easily. Any residues of adhesive left over can often we cleaned off using mild detergent. However, please note that we do not take any responsibility  for any damage caused to your or your customers  or third parties products or surfaces. Our products are supplied on this strict understanding and thus form a part of the contract when purchasing from us.

How do I cut after printing?
A pair of scissiors should be fine, however it is best to use a small trimmer which will help you cut your stickers squarely - these cost about £12.00-£15.00 on the internet. We do not supply them ourselves.
Can I cut out my own shapes with a scissors?
You could cut around shaped printed images or plain sticky vinyl to create wall art using a pair of scissors. The quality will of course depend on how sharp your scissors are and how steady your hand is.

Can I use any font?
You can use any TrueType font on your PC. With your purchase, we will also give you a CD with over 25,000 fonts for you to unleash your creativity!  If you have foreign fonts and a foreign key board, you can also print in other languages!
Can I add graphics?
Absolutely!  A quality piece of clipart will produce a quality print and vice versa. Try and use original artwork as copying artwork off the internet can lead to loss of quality which will show up in your print.  Only high quality black and white images are recommended with not greyscale or fine dots.

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