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Earn money with a part-time or full-time operation
all from the comfort of your home

Ready made stickers easily sell from between  £1.00-£2.00. Once you have your design set up and saved, simply tell the printer how many of the same design you would like to print - and it will print them out within seconds - that’s true, it takes just seconds to print a dozen or so stickers with our Sticker Printer!

Once printed, simply trim them down to size using a cheap A4 trimmer - pop them in an envelope and post them second class - what could be more simpler than that?

The more different markets you cater for and the more designs you create and publicise/sell, the more income you are likely to make - it really is that simple.

You do not really have to have a great deal of knowledge to focus on any market really - for example, if you do not know anything about, say music, you could still knock out a bumper sticker saying something to the effect of “I’d rather be at a Bon Jovi concert”   Fans will only need to type in the key words on ebay or internet and up could come your item for sale!  These sort of purchases are know as ‘Impulse buys’ as most people do not think twice about spending a couple of pounds on something that is close to their heart.

Similarly, you do not need to know ANYTHING about security - but you could print and sell stickers which show that “These premises are protected by CCTV”.  Hopefully you will understand by now, that no skills are required, juts plain common sense to make your business a real money spinner.

On the left here, i have taken some extracts from ebay where others are selling stickers, very happily and selling LOTS of them each and every day. For example, someone selling CCTV stickers has sold in excess of  2500 - and that is JUST ONE type of sticker!  What about other markets such as:-

* Bumper Stickers
* Security Stickers
* Warning Stickers for Homes, Business Premises, Vehicles etc.
* Disability Stickers
* Stickers for Bikes, Boats, Skate Boards, Helmets etc.
* Stickers for Guitars, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Mirrors,    Glass/Doors,
   Candles, Gift Bags etc.
* Shelving Stickers/Product Identifiers
* Labelling for Bottles and Jars
* Baby on Board Stickers
* Rear Car Windscreen Stickers for advertising
... the list goes on and on!

Most people are sceptical when an opportunity is presented to them and perhaps some of the time, they are right to be so as there are many ‘quick get rich schemes’ around. However, printing stickers is VERY DIFFERENT because you are actually producing something for which there is a thirst for.

Above information was taken from ebay - why not do your own research and just look at what others are achieving. Remember, you can always do better than the next person if you allow your creativity and determination to let you move forward.

We can give you the tools, the ideas, the support - all you need to do now is to act upon it and start making some real money.

You can charge a lot more for custom printed
stickers, advertising stickers, floor stickers etc.

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